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Community Work & Media Appearances

I truly enjoy being able to help spread truthful nutrition knowledge! I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had to speak out about nutrition facts, especially in the confusing world that is google.  

If you are interested in working together for speaking engagements, educational lunch and learns for your work place or media collaborations please feel free to send me an email at I would be happy to chat further about how we can help spread positive and evidence knowledge about nutrition in our society. 

Big Brothers And Big Sisters

Our youth are at risk of learning false, misleading and potential dangerous information from social media platforms and so I was honoured to be able to set up a nice workshop teaching balanced eating and fuelling their body appropriately. 


COLS Speaking Engagement

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Pass The Salt - David Suzuki's Show Appearance

This was such a treat and amazing opportunity to chat about salt and support for not fearing it! You can watch the full episode here

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CBC Article - Not Setting Limits On Kids Halloween Candy

Here we discussed why you shouldn't set harsh limits on your kids halloween candy. We want to foster a healthy relationship with food early and there are no 'good vs bad' foods. You can read the full article here

Child Reaching for Candy


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