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How Can I Help You Reach Your Goals?

I want you to know that your goals are important and possible! My wish for you is that you learn and build the skills to not only reach those goals but also sustain them on your own. I base my sessions on the following principles to empower and guide you to success 


  • Learn the tools and skills to achieve the goals you want

  • Understand that your goals are achievable and you are capable

Goal Setting:

  • Setting realistic actions to achieve the goals you desire

  • No fad or extreme dietary approaches as those don't stick for the long term


  • Continuous support, resources and guidance to keep you on track


Have You Checked Your Benefits?

Did you know that many companies offer benefits to cover Registered Dietitian sessions? Take advantage of your company looking out for your well being and take a peak at your benefits package.  

Nutritional Packages

These are the classic sessions that are based on education + realistic goal setting. We have our virtual session and the client has the next few weeks to put it into practice before returning for their follow up. Follow ups revisit goals, revise if needed or progress forward based on the needs of the client. All sessions are tailored to the clients stage.  

All packages include the initial assessment to start their journey, resources that will be beneficial to the client and the goals set and email support as needed.

Starter Package 


Initial + one 45-minute follow up

Great for tune ups, quicker assessments of dietary patterns and smaller goals.

Lily Flower

Accountability Package 


Initial + three 45-minute follow ups

The most popular package! Clients have lots of time and support with their goals as this package typically lasts about 4-6 months.

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Transformation Package


Initial + five 45-minute follow ups

For those who feel they want greater support, this one is great with the extra time for guidance. 

Want To Share This Journey With Your Partner?

They say those who go to the Dietitian together, thrive together!

Having a supportive environment, including your partner being on board, really is helpful for your success and removes barriers. I have worked with numerous couples before and even if you have different main goals, when you both understand the foundation of healthy eating habits, it really helps with the success of both parties. It also trickles down to habits modelled to children as well which helps foster positive and healthy relationships with food. 


Couple Starter Package 


Initial + one 60-minute follow up

* couple prices are split between partners

Lily Flower

Couple Accountability Package 


Initial + three 60-minute follow ups

The most popular package! 

* couple prices are split between partners

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Couple Transformation Package


Initial + five 60-minute follow ups

* couple prices are split between partners

Often More Accountability = More Success

Online coaching clients often tend to see greater success for body compositional changes (muscle building and larger fat loss goals) due to committing to more check points. In order to see change, you have to be willing to do more.

Online Coaching Packages

Online nutrition coaching is a bit more involved. This is an app/email based service that has clients more connected to me as their support system. They have weekly check ins, constant support through Whatsapp, macro/calorie targets and adjustments based on their goals, training plans and overall I am a much larger guidance in their overall lifestyle. Think of me as your life coach during these packages. 

These packages are ideal for constant accountability and me pushing you to be your best. There is more commitment and effort required of you, but the learning potential and growth is great!

1 Month 


This is often only used as an add on after doing a larger package. Keep in mind that change takes time, in one month we can get your nutrition and lifestyle pieces dialled in, but for more change, more time keeping that consistent is needed. 

Lily Flower

3 Months


A great first starter! This allows us to prime your body and start to dive into a specific phase (fat loss, building, etc). Priming is essential for your results and includes having and being consistent with your nutritional targets, your training and other lifestyle factors.

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6 Months


A great time frame to not only set up your basics and healthy habits to prime your body to be most responsive but if clients are consistent and put forth those strong efforts you can reach some great body compositional changes in this time frame. Muscle building and fat loss changes are highly possible here!

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