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Welcome to MC Dietetics! We know that living a balanced life has become much more complicated these days with all of the different information that we hear around us constantly. Together we want to take that confusion and stress off of you and guide you to your goals using an evidence-based approach and a personalized planning strategy. 

Your happiness and feelings of well being are extremely important to us and so we look forward to helping you reach your optimal balance. 

Parooze the website for all we have to offer and we hope that we can work with you to reach your best self

A Personalized Approach

Education and goal setting that is made specifically for you is one that will be the most enjoyable and successful!

Nutrition Consultations

Meet with Chelsea live in a one-on-one nutritional counselling session to discuss your current nutritional goals, needs and concerns.  Together, we will develop a plan that will have you feeling your best while also being in line with your lifestyle.

Packages are available

Meet Your Dietitian

Meet your Registered Dietitian and hear her story along with her take and approach to nutrition and nutrition coaching.

Her goal is to bring balance, happiness and positive energy to your life through food and education. 

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Meal ideas, food tips and tricks and the latest researched articles can all found in the blog roll. 

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