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Happy Clients

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Happy Clients

Working with Chelsea for the past 3 months has been incredible. Initially, I was afraid to see a dietitian because I did not know what to expect. I am now so happy that I decided to follow through with it, and that I chose Chelsea and MC Dietetics to work with!

Chelsea has helped me to make huge progress with having a healthier relationship with food. I went into my first session with a very negative relationship with food – I turned to food for comfort, and I had a lot of guilt related to food. Chelsea has been so supportive and encouraging, and she has never made me feel judged or guilty with everything that I’ve shared with her. She has taught me to celebrate every bit of progress that I have made and to give myself more credit than I had been giving (which was not much). It’s a process, but my relationship with food has been steadily improving!

With Chelsea’s help, I now have a better understanding of how to proportion my meals, how I can still eat healthy even with a busy schedule, and what to look for when I shop for food. I find that, with the changes I have made, I feel full for longer and I have more energy throughout the day. I also get less cravings and snack less throughout the day. 3 months ago, I would have thought that making these changes would involve me painstakingly following a strict and non-enjoyable diet, but it is actually the complete opposite. Chelsea’s approach has allowed me to make healthier choices and still enjoy food.

Chelsea has a very kind, friendly, and warm personality, and she has a great knowledge of nutrition. She has a very balanced and holistic approach to healthy eating and living. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would gladly recommend her to anybody!


I've been working with Chelsea for a year now (where has time gone?), and I think the biggest thing I've gained is knowledge. I stepped in not having a "set" goal, other than to ensure proper nutrition, fuel my training, and maybe lose some body fat. Up until that point, I didn't realize how little I was eating - in terms of all macronutrients. My body was deprived, and that was evident in all respects (recovery, strength, well-being). Within a few months, I saw very tangible results; body composition and mentality. AND, I was eating more than I ever have! That's the funny thing, right? Losing inches, gaining muscle mass and eating roughly 500-700 calories more. We all seem to fear food, or have vast misconceptions about everything it can do for your body - and we focus on what it won't do. But fact: food is the greatest healer. That's what Chelsea has shown me. 


It's taken me 2.5 years to be able to step on the scale consistently, without having a mental break. Chelsea was patient, supportive and more importantly, relatable to what I was struggling with mentally. As they say - she may be little, but she is fierce. Or better yet, she is wise. 


Thank you, Chelsea. I'm stoked to see what else we continue to do - I've never been more happy than where I am right now, physically and mentally.


…Chelsea not only goes over the plans with me but also corrects my form during the workouts. Since I started working with her, I gained muscle mass in crucial areas, improved my posture, increased my endurance, and lost approx. 10 lbs in the abdominal section. Chelsea knows the human body and its response to targeted exercises, she is extremely patient and a pleasure to work with.

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Client Successes

Our client's journeys are all unique and every moment in their journey is one to be proud of and share.

From 1800 calories, dis-regulated hormones and a broken relationship with food, Carly has allowed me to guide her into new heights in her journey and re-find her confidence in her strength, both mentally and physically, and regain a happy balance in her body. Reverse dieting is a process of patience but she has the tenacity to keep pushing every day and together we worked her up to 2500 calories, tighter measurements, more personal records in the gym and a new sense of balance


Julia is one of the busiest athletes I know, balancing hours of practice for competitive cheerleading on top of getting into crossfit. She asked for help with her nutrition as she was concerned that she was under-eating and that would harm her performance. After some time reverse dieting, we have gotten her to a point where she is losing inches while performing at her best and still enjoying her life and her food. As she enters into the competitive area of Crossfit, where demands are much higher, her nutrition will continue to fuel and support her as her training increases.



From yo-yo dieting, extreme gym routines and a poor relationship with food to enjoying his meals, following macros and reaching his aesthetic and strength goals. 

Mukky struggled with his weight ever since he was a child but through his own determination and will power he dropped from about 260lbs to 220lbs all on his own through high school and University. Despite keeping that weight off, his methods were often so extreme that he would go from one regime to another and that left him with not seeing the results he wanted and a poor relationship with food and often going from binge eating to starvation routines. 

Through working with Chelsea and trusting in her teachings, he began to count his macros and came to learn that food was not his enemy but rather could be enjoyable and still help him reach his goals. He is now leaner and stronger than he ever has been and continues to build on his goals and tackle those negative emotions and associations that were created over his young adult years.