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Hot Chocolate and Gut Health?

Yes, who knew those two things could be connected?

How are they connected you ask?

Well, sadly it's not the hot chocolate itself that makes this version of your childhood favourite drink gut friendly, but its the flavourless addition to it that has all of the benefits.

Let me introduce to you bone broth powder

Bone broth has been used for decades as a natural remedy and even medicine in a number of cultures. Although there are many cheaper and less natural version of it on the market (think stocks and also cubes of beef or chicken stock), bone broth is the boiling of animal bones to release the beneficial compounds including collagen, gelatin, minerals and amino acids (the building blocks to proteins). Due to these, it has been thought to be healing for the gut, joints, immune system and connective tissues.

Many of these claims come from anecdotal evidence and natural medicine but is there hard evidence supporting bone broth and the aforementioned positive outcomes?

There is some, but not a lot. Gut health is a relatively new topic of interest in the literature and despite the recent buzz around gelatin and collagen, there hasn't been a whole lot of testing to give us solid confidence of their use. We do have some research and this is what some findings have shown:

~Supplementation with collagen may be protective against joint pain in athletes (this may be also useful for those who place strain on their joints daily, even in daily tasks such as typing on a computer)

-Gelatin may be useful in lower the inflammatory state in intestinal disorders, while also be diarrheal

~Collagen has also been seen in some limited studies to support anti-aging of the skin through improving elasticity of the skin

Bone broth, when made at home and not from a cube in the grocery store, can also be a great electrolyte (sodium and some potassium) supplement for those who are ill because it is something that is soothing and is easy to digest.

15 grams of protein in one solid scoop! Plus a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 for a bit of a energy boost.

With those benefits said, do you have to get out the old pot and spend hours making your own over a hot stove? Nope! There ways to try out some broth on your own without having to get your hands dirty.

You see, another fun fact about bone broth is that they are now being made into a supplemental form that you can play around with and give a nice boost of protein to with very little taste being added.

Enter the hot chocolate...

With it being so cold out there, I'm sure everyone wouldn't mind a soothing cup of hot cocoa as their afternoon pick me up, right? Even better, what if that soothing mug of chocolate had a boost of protein and antioxidants without altering the taste?

Well I have a treat for you! Simply combine a few ingredients and voila you have something that will help bring up your energy, give you a bit of protein and also keep you nice and warm as you end you day.

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

Serves 1

1 cup unsweetened original or vanilla dairy free or regular milk of choice

1 scoop Bone Broth Powder *

1 tbsp pure cacao powder (can use unsweetened carob as caffeine free alternative)

Stevia or other sweetener to sweeten as needed (we use about a tsp of powdered Stevia Leaf)


1. Warm up you milk until just steaming (do not boil). Can do this in a pot or microwave.

2. Add your cacao powder, bone broth powder and sweetener to taste and stir stir stir! The bone broth powder does get a bit clumpy so just keep working at it until fully combined and dissolved in.

3. Add toppings of choice.

Add any toppers such as Ceylon cinnamon, more cacao powder, frothed milk, whipped cream, etc.

I hope you enjoy!

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Prairie Naturals Bone Broth it was simply the brand I chose to use for myself and was the one that was used in this recipe. Other great brands include Organika, and Ancient Nutrition.